(72LPX84CQ) ECHO's 72LPX replacement chain is of standard sequence and designed with professional loggers and forest workers in mind. Power and precision are the name of the game with this chain. The low-vibration full chisel cutters deliver ultimate performance, while the offset depth gauges prevent cutters from driving into the sidewall, which in turn provides a smoother cut. The enhanced cutter coating provides superior protection against corrosion resistance. TOP FEATURES
  • Full chisel cutters with offset depth gauge
  • Specially-coated cutters
  • Top plate filing indicators
COMPATIBLE WITH 16 in. 72LPX60CQ is compatible with 16D0PS3860C bar 18 in. 72LPX64CQ is compatible with 18D0AS3864C bar 18 in. 72LPX66CQ is compatible with 18D0PS3866C bar 20 in. 72LPX70CQ is compatible with 20D0AS3870C and 20D0PS3870C bars 20 in. 72LPX72CQ is compatible with 20H0PS3872C bar 24 in. 72LPX81CQ is compatible with 24D0PS3881C bar 24 in. 72LPX84CQ is compatible with 24D0AS3884C and 24H0PS3884C bars 27 in. 72LPX93CQ is compatible with 27D0PS3893C and 28H0PS3893C bars 32 in. 72LPX105CQ is compatible with 32DOPS3805C and 32H0PS3805C bars 36 in. 72LPX116CQ is compatible with 36D0PS3816C bar OPTIONS AVAILABLE  
  • 72LPX60CQ - CS-620P, CS-620PW and CS-680 (60 drive links)
  • 72LPX64CQ - CS-590 (64 drive links)
  • 72LPX66CQ - CS-620P, CS-620PW and CS-680 (66 drive links)
  • 72LPX70CQ - CS-590, CS-620P, CS-620PW and CS-580 (70 drive links)
  • 72LPX72CQ - CS-7310P and CS-7310PW (72 drive links)
  • 72LPX81CQ - CS-590, CS-620P, CS-620PW, CS-680 and CS-800P (81 drive links)
  • 72LPX84CQ - CS-590, CS-7310P and CS-7310PW (84 drive links)
  • 72LPX93CQ - CS-620P, CS-620PW, CS-680, CS-7310P, CS-7310PW and CS-800P (93 drive links)
  • 72LPX105CQ - CS-7310P, CS-7310PW and CS-800P (105 drive links)
  • 72LPX116CQ - CS-800P (116 drive links)
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